A Food Jam is a party

where cooking and eating

is only half the fun.

The concept of Food Jams was developed whilst Jade was studying jazz.

Aware that the best way to learn was to jam with other musicians at night – often with musicians she didn’t know or hadn’t met before coming together on stage, these nights would always end with a happy heart and great hunger.  

Her friends, aware of her love for the kitchen, started asking her to teach them to cook.

She said ‘let’s jam together, using food instead of music'.

She wrote up recipes & invited them to her parent's kitchen.

The first one was on the 4th of February 2010 and they have been jamming ever since.’

Soute, home of Food Jams, came about after 7 years of moving around,

cooking everywhere from the wilderness to other people’s kitchens.

It was a great adventure but we felt the need to establish a base.

Choosing Salt River, one of our favourite parts of Cape Town

and an area known for its spices and local ingredients,

it was the perfect place to further inspire our cooking style.

Taking it to a full kitchen set up, Soute can accommodate

up to 60 people cooking together at the same time,

but works just as well for any size wanting to have fun over food.


We host any celebration you can think of

in the comfort of your own venue or in the much-loved Food Jams kitchen.

Birthdays | Bachelorettes | Engagements | Weddings | Networking |

Launches | Clubs | Team Buildings | Kids Parties | Friends & Family

Unit B10, 1st Floor, Salt Orchard Precinct, Salt River & 30 Fairview Avenue, Woodstock | info@foodjams.co.za  |  Tel. +27632920419

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