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Freedom Day Feast

A Culinary Celebration Of South Africa In A Cooking Class

Freedom Day Feast

27 April 2024


Unit B10, Salt Orchard, Yew Street, Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa

Join us for a vibrant and flavorful cooking class in honor of Freedom Day, a significant holiday in South Africa that celebrates freedom and commemorates the first post-apartheid elections held on that day in 1994. This class is not just about cooking; it's a cultural journey that pays homage to the rich heritage and diverse flavors of South African cuisine.

What to expect:

The Food Jam includes snacks upon arrival, a harvest table menu, recipes, a welcome drink (with or without a kick) and 3 hours of festive fun. The Food Jam is open to all ages!

This event is perfect for anyone who loves to explore world cuisines and enjoys cooking with a side of history. Come and celebrate freedom through the universal language of delicious food!

As you cook, you'll learn about the history and significance of Freedom Day, and how each dish represents a part of South Africa's 'Rainbow Nation.'

You are welcome to bring your own wine. We have a hydration station with delicious beverages and a card facility on site. Our menu caters for gluten - & dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian & carnivorous guests equally - guests will be asked to share any dietary requirements they would like us to know 7 days prior to the event. Our kitchen is strictly halaal.

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