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French Elegance

Hosted By Food Jams CASA

French Elegance

5 July 2024


30 Fairview Avenue, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa

Bonsoir et bienvenue to our French Elegance cooking class, an evening dedicated to the finesse and sophistication of French cuisine. This class is a special instalment in our series exploring the diverse and rich culinary cultures from around the globe. Tonight, we delve into the heart of France, where culinary tradition and innovation meet in delightful harmony.

About Your Hosts

Food Jams CASA is a Non-Profit Organisation that provides quality, subsidised, internationally accredited education, mentorship and opportunities to marginalised and previously disadvantaged communities. CASA Class of 2024 consists of professional chef hosts famed for their energised social cooking events, called Food jams in Salt River & Woodstock. All proceeds of this cooking class go to the sponsorship of the student tuition at the Culinary Academy South Africa, affording our future culinary stars the support on the journey to their stardom!

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