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We're About Connecting People Through Food

Cooking together with a group of people combined with expert tips, your true Masterchef is revealed. We start the clock, make sure you are hydrated and everyone starts cooking together in their teams. When the clock stops-you will be amazed by the dishes that YOU have created as you share a sumptuous harvest table.

We provide everything you need. From menu choices to beautiful settings, our team will ensure that all of your needs are met.

Our unique social events provide the perfect atmosphere for team building, private celebrations, group cooking classes, creative workshops, private dining experiences & much more.

Our Story

Founding and Early Years


The concept of Food Jams was developed whilst the founder was studying jazz music in Cape Town.  Aware that the best way to learn was to jam with other musicians at night – often with musicians she didn’t know or hadn’t met before coming together on stage, these nights would always end with a happy heart and great hunger.  


Her friends, aware of her love for the kitchen, started asking her to teach them to cook.  She said ‘let’s jam together, using food instead of music'. She wrote up recipes & invited them to her parents' kitchen.  


The first one was on the 4th of February 2010 and they have been jamming ever since. Food Jams blossomed when a partnership with Jocelyn Myers-Adams, internationally-renowned, locally-based chef & entrepreneur came into fruition in 2020. 


Concept & Growth

Food Jams started as a series of intimate cooking workshops held at home. The workshops were designed to teach participants not only how to cook delicious and visually appealing dishes but also how to enjoy the process and infuse their cooking with creativity. The concept quickly gained traction, as people were drawn to the personalised and hands-on approach that Food Jams offered.


As the demand for their events grew, Jade and Jocelyn expanded their offerings. They began hosting themed cooking events, collaborating with local farmers and artisans. Their emphasis on sustainability and supporting local communities resonated with a growing audience concerned about the origins of their food.

Legacy & Impact

Food Jams has left an indelible mark on the culinary world. Jocelyn Myers-Adams and Jade de Waal's commitment to fostering a sense of community through food has inspired countless individuals to embrace cooking as an art form and a means of connection. Their emphasis on creativity, sustainability, and local collaboration has influenced the way people think about food and its role in their lives.


Culinary Experiences & Beyond

Food Jams' success allowed the partners to diversify their offerings further.  The company's reach expanded through word-of-mouth, social media and partnerships showcasing their unique approach to cooking and culinary education. A GRIT-focused Culinary Academy is coming in the near future. 

Food Jams Today

Food Jams stands as a testament to the power of combining passion and entrepreneurship. Jade and Jocelyn's partnership not only transformed their own lives but also enriched the lives of those who have had the privilege of participating in their workshops, events, and classes.


The company continues to thrive thanks to the continuous support, reminding us that the love for good food and the joy of sharing it are timeless traditions that can bridge cultures and create lasting memories.

Our Clients

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