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Studio Jade

Woodstock, Cape Town

Studio Jade, nestled in the vibrant upper Woodstock, has a very fond place in Food Jams' memories. As Food Jams went from once-a-month to an-every-weekend, now- every day event, we realised that number 1: we need to give the family a break! and number 2: Food Jams needs a permanent home. And this was the beginning of Studio Jade in 2015, the high-volume loft, open-plan, 90 sqm venue & studio.

Green Reflection

Our Services in Cape Town

Our unique social events provide the perfect atmosphere for team building, client engagements, private celebrations, group cooking classes and any other celebration you can think of.  


Our Signature Package

The Food Jam

A Food Jam is a fun & social event with plenty of time & space to cook, drink & be merry. At the end of the cooking, guests share in the menu they have created, seated at the long table.

Our Competitive Package

The MasterChef Food Jam

We start the clock, make sure you are hydrated and everyone starts cooking together in their teams using the recipes provided & a mystery box challenge really gets the competition going. 


Our ProCook Package

Chef's Demo & Cooking Class

Take your skills to the next level under the wing of a local food legend. Our social series runs annually, and you can book a private class with 6 guests or more. 

Our Monthly Social Package

The Themed Social Jams

Meet likeminded people & cook up a storm with our themed monthly Food Jams. The party where cooking is only half the fun! Perfect for singles, solo travellers, couples & groups of friends.


We absolutely love welcoming guests through the inconspicuous red door, to the gorgeous green lounge & bar. The venue is perfect for hosting intimate events, family and friends, or use as a production kitchen or shoot location (as seen on CNN!) with front and back access and secure on-street parking.

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